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Ambient Cloud Light (USB Powered)

Ambient Cloud Light (USB Powered)

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🌩️💡Ambient Lightning Cloud Light! 🌩️💡

    🌈 Multi-color changing and syncs with music!:

    • 🌩️Simulate lightning in clouds
    • 🌈Adjust brightness and choose from millions of different colors
    • 🎵Smart music mode with built-in sound reactive microphone
    • 🎶Sync to any music and watch the colors change accordingly
    • 🌩️Thunder sound effect for a cooler cloud lightning effect

    🏠 Uses:

    • 🛌Perfect for a child's bedroom 
    • ☁️Create the perfect vibe for your lounge or living room 
    • 📸Great background display for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok videos!

    🔧 Easy to Use and Install:

    • 🛠Simply install the ceiling buckle and hang up the cloud lamp
    • 🔌Power by USB and can be used on any device with a 5V adapter.
    • 📏16.5 foot cord to hang

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